The Handicrafts Marquee is the one our visitors tell us they look forward to seeing year after year. We all like to admire (and often with envy) what others have baked, crafted and photographed. The entrants never cease to amaze the show and its visitors and we love that they participate and share their artistry with us.

We all have talents and some that are yet to be discovered. With the increased popularity of programs such as, The Great British Bake Off, Sewing Bee and Kirstie Allsopp demonstrating an array of crafts in her programmes it is easier than ever to be inspired to pick up that wooden spoon and bowl, that hammer and nails, that needle and thread or those knitting needles and yarn. These newly inspired local people, are the reason the show has seen an increase in the Handicraft entries over the past years and a wider variety of people and age groups now taking part. We encourage you all to have a go and enter one or more of the classes, what do you have to lose ?

It has to be said one of the most admired sections is the junior one. To see all of the entries from our 18 years old and younger is truly remarkable. I’m sure many of you have your own budding baker, artist, crafter or photographer at home. Have a look at our 2018 schedule and join in the fun.

If you require further information or advise on any of the classes, please do not hesitate to email the handicraft section on bingleyshowhandicraft@hotmail.co.uk