Meet The New Bingley Show President.

I have been a keen agricultural show exhibitor of produce for most of my life and when in my twenties also ponies. I was brought up on a dairy farm where we originally had Ayrshire cattle and my Granddad used to go up to Scotland to purchase them. In the 1970s we changed over to Friesians and we also had hens to supply eggs for our Green Top Milk Round. When I was a child Hebden Bridge still had an agricultural show that was held in mid-May and my mother’s family, the Shackletons, had an upland farm with moorland rights and kept sheep and cattle. My Mother and her sister Jean were members of Worth Valley Young Farmers that were involved in starting Keighley Show just after the war. Our old cows and calves went to Halifax or Huddersfield marts, but when they closed down it was off to Bingley on a Saturday or to Otley on a Monday.
My sister Dorothy and I were nurtured in the three Pennine valleys – Calder, Worth & Aire – and like most farming children we had our jobs to do. On the way to school we had to do part of the milk round. When we were still at school we took our exhibits of produce including eggs, wine, cakes and preserves to Otley and Halifax shows the night before and returned on Saturday hopefully to pick the winnings up after doing the milk round. When I got working I bought a Welsh Section A mare and put her in-foal and started taking them to shows as well. Bingley Show at that time the equine classes were in the bottom meadow down the long drag and the classes were on first thing in the morning – as were the handicrafts and eggs. I had a trailer and a little car then, but not powerful enough to pull it out if it was wet and crowded. If needed, Dad came over after the milk round, with the Land Rover with enough traction and power to get us out. One year we went to Stokesley Show which was the furthest in Yorkshire for us and is the penultimate one of season. It had to be a very early start and been very foggy and it seemed a very long way away – but I recall a good result with a champion mare, and also a cup for most points for produce in the tents. Then on the third Monday in September it was off in the Land Rover again to Nidderdale Show at Pateley Bridge to end the season.
It is a great honour and privilege for me to be president of {Airedale Agricultural Society} Bingley Show for 2018. I would like to thank and acknowledge all the sections and all the volunteers who come to meetings, or work quietly behind the scenes working away diligently for the good of Bingley and its Agricultural Society.
Let’s all hope for a dry and sunny day. Best wishes to you all,
Malcolm K Pickles